HAMMONDS REEF Finca Sabanetas El Salvador Single Origin Estate Coffee


Out of a 50-year-old family farm in El Salvador comes the sweet and floral bourbon and pacas that is our Hammonds Reef. If ever there was a specialty coffee for the California wine lover, Hammonds Reef is it. A medium-light roast with notes of vanilla and blueberry, this cup of sweet honey and gentle acidity is what you crave from a Central American bean.

With crop disease and rust striking many farms in El Salvador in the past few years, we have chosen Finca Sabanetas specifically for their excellent production of bourbon and pacas and their recent adoption of Aide Batlle’s superior selection processing methods and milling at Arturo Meza Hill. This means that this particular coffee is both Rainforest Alliance and Aida Batlle Selection approved, producing an exceptionally high quality coffee with the utmost attention to detail. Sweet, fruity, bright and floral, you’ll be sipping this coffee like wine.