Take your tastebuds traveling through the eastern slopes of the Aberdares mountains in Kenya where coffee fruit grows amongst bananas and macadamia trees, then to Antigua, Guatemala, where Peaberry is grown in small batches at the famous Pastores Mill, and finally across the ocean to the Pondok region of northern Sumatra, where the coffee is grown under shade trees in rich, mountainous soil, then "triple-picked" and "wet-hulled," a practice unique to the region.

We take this radical blend of top-notch arabica beans and roast to a medium-light, exposing the nuances of each origin: Plummy jam and wine, with notes of dark cocoa from Kenya, Sweet caramel and full-bodied chocolate from Guatemala, and earthy tobacco with hints of light floral from Sumatra. This Historic Courthouse Roast represents the rich cultural roots of Santa Barbara. A cup for the coffee aficionado, adventurer, and lover of travel.