About Us

Montecito Village Recovery Fund
 “It takes the heart of a village to help the community as a whole to recover”

A new charitable organization is being established to provide direct relief to residents and businesses that have been impacted the hardest by the recent fires and subsequent floods and mudslides in the community or Montecito.  The organization will be known as the Montecito Village Recovery Fund (“MVRF”) and will be obtaining 501(c)(3) exempt status as a public charity as soon as possible.  This relief is going to start small through no cost sandwiches, snacks, drinks and groceries offered to residents through the Village Cheese and Wine Shop and will build from these humble beginnings to assist residents and businesses in this very special community of Montecito to recover from the recent disasters.  Montecito is a very close knit and unique community made up of extremely wealthy individuals and humble working-class people who do not have vast resources to assist them with extensive damages and other losses.  The extensive damages have caused loss of jobs, and property and general unknown conditions.  A grassroots organization that has the leadership and history that knows the Montecito community is desperately needed to obtain necessary resources and provide them where they are needed the most.

Why is the Montecito Village Recovery Fund needed?

This Montecito Village Recovery Fund will provide the direct support and relief that is most needed now that the initial disaster is over, and the rebuilding has begun.  In this way, our mission is a sustained one which complements the emergency relief services of larger, national organizations.  The Montecito Village Recovery Fund will have the leadership, knowledge of the community and infrastructure to best serve the Montecito community.

What is the Mission Statement and Purpose of the MVRF?

The charitable purpose and governing Mission Statement for the Montecito Village Recovery Fund will be as follows:

  1. To provide direct support and short-term loans to organizations, businesses, and individuals that have been most impacted by the fires and floods in the community of Montecito.
  2. To promote businesses and economic vitality in the Montecito community.