Montecito Coffee Company

Established by the Village Cheese & Wine shop, this Montecito-based premium coffee company was inspired by the first responders who bravely showed up for our community throughout the Thomas fire. That’s why we incorporate a flame within our logo, to represent the fire. Surrounding the flame is the heart of recovery, an homage to the resiliency of our community of Montecito. All of this is held by the lantern from the old Montecito Fire Department, recognizing first responders here and across the country. A brand with meaning and purpose, each roast integrates an iconic location in Montecito painted by locally renowned artist Jeremy Harper, with 10% of the profits from each bag being donated to the Montecito Village Recovery Fund. Our special focus on roasting makes us unique. Our roasting partner is internationally recognized, roasting 100% Arabica beans sourced from sustainable farms from all over the world. We roast single-origin estate coffees, blends, and espressos in small batches to ensure peak flavor and the freshest quality with every sip.